Michael Bennet and his future plans for education

With the primaries over in Colorado, we have a choice for Senator between Ken Buck (Republican) and Michael Bennet (Democrat). I for one will never vote for Michael Bennet because behind his pretty boy face and “aw shucks way” lays a corrupt politician who takes money from special interest groups such as the teachers’ union and who has historically voted with the Democrats in Congress. He has voted for Health Care, TARP funds, Financial Reform and voted in lock step with all the Democrats in the Senate. He must turn to Mark Udall (Democrat) from Colorado and ask him how he should vote. I don’t believe Bennet ever had an original thought or even considered what his constituents in Colorado want.

Now he is hiding behind his recorded votes behind a façade of making education a plank of his campaign. How can he do this when he voted against D.C. school vouchers? I know, because I watched the Senate vote on T.V.

The D.C. school system is the worst in the nation. Public education is a mess there and kids who want a good education are attending charter schools or private schools. Unfortunately, their parents cannot afford sending them to a better school and count on federal government vouchers to pay for their kid’s tuition.  But when it came to vote for money to fund the D.C. vouchers, Bennet was loud and clear to vote “no”.

So as you can see, Bennet is just another Democrat politician that pats you on the back with one hand and picks your pocket with the other hand. Don’t believe one word he says or promises you on his campaign trail. He can’t wait to get back to Washington to join his Democrat fat cat buddies in the Senate.

If I am wrong, I dare Michael Bennet to respond to my web blog with facts and not empty rhetoric.

If you really want to see “change”, vote for Ken Buck. Let’s shake up the monopoly that the Democrats have held for the past 4 years – yes 4 years. Have you seen how well they did so far with the economy?

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